Business Law and Contracts

Facing a business law challenge? Our attorneys have decades of represented and advised a wide array of businesses, from individuals starting up small and family-owned businesses for the first time, all the way up to Fortune 500 Companies. We represent companies in the fields of technology, the service industries, residential and commercial construction, manufacturers of products including everything from dairy products, to lumber, to auto parts, to computer hardware and software.

We advise clients on virtually every aspect of their business including startups, drafting and reviewing contracts, debt collection, filing of liens and suing for foreclosure, employee disputes, worker’s compensation, personal injury and products liability lawsuits, review of insurance coverage and policy disputes, and a number of other daily issues involved in doing business. We draft and review contracts including employee agreements, independent contractors, non-disclosure and confidentiality, credit arrangements, sale of goods, real estate transactions, purchase and sale of assets, and many others.

We can assist you in the start-up of your corporation, collect your debts, write and review your contracts, defend your company in litigation, or whatever else you need with respect to the day-to-day operation of your business in virtually every field.

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