Appellate Law

Sometimes after trial, one party or the other feels the trial court did not get it right, and sometimes that is true. That may require our clients to appeal the case to a higher court to get a correct application of the law, or to defend our trial successes against an attack from the losing side. Apellate Law is a much more specialized area of the law, and requires an attorney with experience in analyzing and properly handling both the procedures required. There is often significant additional research and writing necessary to persuade the appellate and Supreme Court justices that our position is the right one.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling matters before all appellate courts for the state of Texas, including matters that have made it all the way to the Supreme Court of Texas, where we have won cases that have essentially created new law. There are also cases where the law simply has “gaps” or areas where the factual circumstances essentially “break new ground” where there is just no authority to guide the trial court in making a decision or applying the law to the facts.

Our attorneys have the skill, experience and knowledge to appeal cases where the trial court’s decision or application of the law was wrong. We can defend wins at the trial court level, and even to go beyond and handle matters of law that left the trial court guessing as to how they should be handled. And, we will go as far as the highest court in the state for our clients.

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